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Madden 11

MADDEN ’11 PREDICTIONS:  Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

It’s time for the first Madden Predictions video of the year.  This week the Vikings will travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Madden Predictions, every week I turn on Madden ’11 on my XBox 360 and record a video of the CPU playing out the Vikings next game.  I then make a highlight video based on the game and I let you know whether or not Madden ’11 thinks that the Vikings are going to be victorious or not!  Usually I release the videos on Saturday, but since the Vikings are playing on Thursday this week, that obviously won’t work.  So, you’re getting the video early!

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1 comment to Madden 11 Predictions: Week 1 – Vikings At Saints

  • Paul

    MAN….You may have been better off to run that simulation one more time for us…GREAT job on the blog tho! Let’s hope the season starts off better than that. Keep up the good work!

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